Company Introduction: Ci Dong Steel Group, was initially founded in the early1980s. Relying on outstanding business achievement and excellent credit we expand our business and scale rapidly. Now Ci Dong Group has subsidiaries of Shanghai Ci Dong Special Steel & Alloy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ci Dong Special Steel Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Ci Dong Special Alloy Co., Ltd.(Production and manufacture)

Our Teams: Ci Dong takes great efforts to build up company talent pool. We put great emphasis on building, training and empowering our core technical team. It is made up of more than 30 senior technicians. Also we have excellent management team which is made up of many experienced managers.


1.Zhang Jia Gang Plant


Our Customers: As Ci Dong Steel Group has advanced operation pattern, sophisticated technologies, high grade service and strong brand consciousness, we has achieved excellent credit in special steel and alloy industry and enjoyed a good reputation among hundreds of domestic customers and several overseas world top 500 customers, from a wide range of more than 20 industries, such as petroleum, chemistry, aviation, machinery, shipping, valve, food and power industry.

Our Products: Ci Dong takes the operation pattern integrated with sales, manufacturing and research. We specializes in producing and manufacturing stainless steel, corrosion-resistant alloy, heat-resistant alloy and precision alloy according to various standard specifications such as ASTM, GB, JIS, ect. Product form includes ingot, billet, square, bars, plates, tubes, strip and various forgings such as rings, disks, axles, flange, ect.

2.Smelting Plant


Our Business Philosophy:.
Fair dealing & Mutual benefit: Based on the economic principle that supply and demand relation affecting the market trend, we explore and grasp the cooperation opportunity with reciprocity and fairness.

Faithful business & Cordial cooperation: We admire steadfast honest working style and treat our customers as our best friends.

Scanning widely for future development: With eyes on the future mutual development we do business magnanimously.

High-value services: We provide not only professional counseling for application of various steel grades but also perfect after-sales services.

Our Operation Mode:

Networking: Based on the advanced ERP system, we have achieved management system modernization

Precision: Aimed to improve ourselves constantly we execute every manufacturing process precisely and meticulously.

Interaction: We encourage our staff interact with our customers in wider range of fields.


3.Heat treatment plant


Our Company Purpose:
To build better life for our staff. To explore more profitable business opportunities for our customers. To create greater wealth for our society.

Our Operation Guideline:

Building Internal Strength, Forging Ci Dong Brand, Creating Professional Corporate Image

Our Development Track:

Yesterday-Outstanding achievement

Today-Rapid development
Tomorrow-Brilliant future


4.Shanghai Warehouse